Born in July 1966 in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Farooq Oreagba began his educational journey at Ijebu-Ode Grammar School before attending King’s College Lagos.
He pursued higher education at Edward Greenes College, Oxford in London, where he graduated with distinction. Oreagba furthered his academic credentials with:
A Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Combined Engineering Studies from Coventry University (1985-1989).
A BTec Diploma in Business & Finance from the University of East London (1991-1993).
Various certifications from both local and international institutions.
Career Highlights
Farooq Oreagba’s career in the financial services sector is marked by several notable achievements. He is known for his:
Expertise in deal origination.
Deep understanding of capital markets.
Proficiency in investment banking.
Strategic vision and leadership, which have significantly contributed to the growth and success of numerous financial institutions.
Over the last four decades, Oreagba has worked in the financial sector in Nigeria and abroad. He is a former Member of the Derivatives Product Advisory Committee of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

September 2023, he was appointed MD/CEO of NG Clearing Limited, a role that marks his return to the financial sector after a hiatus due to health issues
In April 2014, Farooq Oreagba was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and carcinoma, types of bone marrow and skin cancer, respectively. Despite the incurable nature of these cancers, Oreagba has continued to battle bravely. His experience with cancer has profoundly influenced his personal and professional life.

Farooq Oreagba’s appearance at the 2024 Ojude Oba festival garnered significant media attention. His refined style and charisma stood out, earning him accolades for his “swag sense” and “steeze.”

Photos and videos of Oreagba at the festival, where he made a grand entrance on horseback and wore a full aso-oke agbada regalia, showcased his impeccable fashion sense and elegance. His stylish display and the beautiful tattoo on his arm, symbolizing his battle with cancer, captivated citizens across Nigeria
Farooq Oreagba’s remarkable career in the financial services sector, coupled with his impressive educational background, has solidified his reputation as a distinguished professional. His appearance at the Ojude Oba 2024 festival highlighted his elegance and charm, making him a noteworthy figure in both the financial and social spheres. Despite keeping certain aspects of his personal life private, Oreagba continues to be a significant influence in his field.

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