Get Your Groove On with Superwozzy

Music has the power to inspire and motivate us, and it can be a driving force in our lives. From the upbeat rhymes that get us moving to the emotional lyrics that speak to our hearts, music can connect with us on a deep level. And when it comes to finding music that truly resonates with us, there are a few artists to do it better than Superwozzy. Meet Awodoyin Mayorkun, popularly known as Superwozzy, a seasoned hip-hop artist from Osun state, Nigeria. With a passion for music that began back in secondary school, Superwozzy has been steadily climbing the ranks in the music industry for years. He cites MI, a legendary Nigerian artist, as a significant source of inspiration for his sound. Describing his music as “motivation for the trenches,” Superwozzy has released several notable works, including “Gratitude” in 2020 and the popularly acclaimed EP Light Of The Trenches (LOTT) in 2021. He’s always working on new material and recently dropped a track with psycho YP. Superwozzy has also accumulated several awards and achievements in the industry, including accolades from his days at the Federal University of Technology Akure. His favourite quote, “Keep pushing even if your toes bleed,” perfectly sums up his dedication to his craft and determination to succeed in the music industry.Get ready to be inspired by Superwozzy’s motivating sound and unstoppable drive. His experience and talent will make a lasting impact in the music world.
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Lasko Blark

Seldom do you find an artist specialise in a myriad of genres of music such as Rap, Trap, Drill, Dancehall and Afropop with a fusion of rap in it. Lasko Blark has it all. Lasko Blark was born Falana Fawaz in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyó State in 1999. The dormant fire that would later spark into his interest in music started burning at an early age but that fire didn’t consume him until he was in 200 level in OAU, which was when he officially started making music. Prior to then, he had been garnering experience and tuning up his skills through online tutorials and on-site learnings. “My sound consists of powerful vocal and dynamic wordplay, with sweet melodies carrying a unique twist to the Afro-Rap music scene alongside a psychedelic experience” Lasko Blark tells us when asked to describe his sound. Lasko Blark first released his Windy Citi EP in August 2021 and has since then released some tracks including KOMPETITION in May 2021 and his latest work is titled Back Then, released August 2022. He is currently working on his debut album. “Life is too short to drink bad wine.” Click the below link to listen to Lasko Blark’s playlist
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Next big thing

R.E.M.I. – The next big thing?

The journey from being called and addressed as an “Upcoming” artist to “Mainstream” consciousness is usually not smooth. It requires years of endless sacrifice to have viral songs that will make crowds hyper at the mention of your name. One of such artistes on the path to “mainstream” greatness is R.E.M.I. R.E.M.I, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, combines traditional African elements with mainstream pop and soulful music to create an intriguing and enthralling sound. He has progressed as an artist from freestyles and mash-ups to chart-topping music with his most recent hit single, Ori. Born Bankole Jubril Aderemi, he became interested in music in junior secondary school and has since trained himself and gained some musical training and experience to make him relevant in the industry. He began immersing himself in music in 2016 when he began releasing his work. R.E.M.I.’s songs, inspired by his purpose, continue to uplift fans and listeners, sharing words of encouragement and cries of hope for better things to come. His favorite quote is a Spanish proverb, “no tempo certo tudo dara certo,” which means, “at the right time, everything will be alright.”
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