Damson Idris, born on September 2, 1991, in Peckham, South-East London, is a British actor of Nigerian descent. Initially passionate about football, he dreamed of a professional career in the sport but later realized it wasn’t feasible.Damson Idris hails from Nigerian parentage, with Philippa being his mother. Philippa is a single mother who raised all six of her children, including Damson, by herself.
Damson Idris is the youngest in his family, with three older brothers and two older sisters, making a total of six siblings.

Damson Idris pursued his interest in drama by enrolling at Brunel University in London, where he studied Film, Theater, and Television Studies. After completing his undergraduate degree, he furthered his training by attending London’s premier acting school.
Damson Idris’s career found its foothold during his time at Brunel University, where he encountered actress Cathy Tyson. Inspired by Tyson’s guidance, he auditioned for a role in Ade Solanke’s play, Pandora’s Box, ultimately landing the part. This marked the beginning of his professional journey, leading him to sign with an agent and secure roles in various plays. Additionally, he trained at the Identity School of Acting, founded by Femi Oguns. After performing at the Royal National Theatre in London, Idris decided to venture into television and film, landing roles in prominent British series such as “Miranda” (2013), “Doctors” (2015).
In 2016, Damson Idris landed his first significant film role in the British thriller “City of Tiny Lights,” alongside Riz Ahmed. Transitioning to American cinema, he made his debut in 2017’s “Megan Leavey” opposite Kate Mara. Idris also appeared as an FBI agent in the 2018 film “The Commuter” starring Liam Neeson. Another notable role was in “Farming,” a semi-autobiographical film directed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, where Idris portrayed a character based on Akinnuoye-Agbaje himself. The film explores the experiences of Nigerian-British individuals “farmed out” to white families in the UK for a purportedly better life, with Kate Beckinsale playing his strict foster mother.

Idris rose to prominence with his breakout role as Franklin Saint, a determined 19-year-old drug dealer in Los Angeles, in the FX crime drama “Snowfall.” Created by John Singleton, the series premiered in July 2017. Set against the backdrop of 1983, a period on the brink of the crack cocaine epidemic in the United States, “Snowfall” intricately intertwines the narratives of various characters whose lives become entangled due to the influence of drugs.
Damson Idris is a highly talented actor who has showcased his remarkable skill through a diverse array of roles over the years.He has garnered a list of prestigious awards throughout his career, including:

In May 2017, He won the “Emerging Talent Award” at the 12th Screen Nation Film and Television Awards, recognizing his high potential in the industry.
In 2019, He clinched the coveted Award for Best Actor in a British Film.
Damson Idris’s triumphs at the recent NAACP Image Awards with his role in ‘Snowfall.’ Winning the accolade for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.
Damson Idris has appeared in a variety of film and television productions, which includes:
City of Tiny Lights”
“Megan Leavey”
“The Commuter”
“Outside the Wire”
“Surrogate Dad”
“Black Mirror”


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