Meet Taaooma, Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam the vibrant Nigerian star born on 28 February 1999 to Mr. and Mrs. Aishat Apaokagi. As the youngest of five siblings, Taaooma’s life took an exciting turn when her parents relocated to Namibia. This move sparked a global perspective, as she thrived in her education, first at Amazing Kids Private School & Academy, and later at Concordia College in Windhoek, Namibia.
Defying expectations, Taaooma’s academic journey took a surprising turn. She returned to Nigeria, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality at Kwara State University, Ilorin. After graduating, she completed her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, setting the stage for her future success.

Taaooma’s comedic journey began in 2015, and since then, she’s been on a steady rise to stardom. With a consistent stream of hilarious skits, she’s built a formidable online presence. But it was her 2019 skit, “When Your Mum Drives You to School,” that catapulted her to viral fame, sending her popularity soaring and her online following multiplying.
Suddenly, industry heavyweights like Falz and Mc Macaroni were fans, eagerly sharing, commenting, and endorsing her content. Today, Taaooma boasts an impressive social media empire, with over 1 million Instagram followers, 1.5 million Facebook fans, and a whopping 350,000 YouTube subscribers. As a result, she’s become a sought-after influencer, leveraging her massive online clout to promote top brands and inspire countless fans.

Taaooma is a master of disguise, effortlessly playing multiple roles in her hilarious skits. She seamlessly transforms into four distinct characters: Taaoo (herself), Iya Taaoo (her lovable but fiery mother), Baba Taaoo (her witty father), and Tayo (her mischievous brother). But the pièce de résistance is Iya Taaoo’s infamous thunderous slap – a comedic highlight that never fails to leave audiences in stitches.

Taaooma’s impressive career is punctuated by a slew of prestigious awards and nominations! In 2019, she took home the coveted Gage Award for Best Online Comedian of the Year and was honored as a Social Entrepreneur at the Nigeria 25 under 25 awards. The following year, she received nominations at the esteemed MAYA Awards Africa as Skit Maker of the Year and at The Future Awards Africa for Content Creation (Vloggers and YouTubers). These accolades solidify her position as a trailblazing force in the entertainment industry!

she announces her engagement to Abula! The couple’s love story took a romantic turn when Abula popped the question in February 2020, in the picturesque landscapes of Namibia

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