Nwankwo Raymond Ozoemena, known by his stage name Ramzo, was born on February 10, 1992. An indigene of Enugu, he was raised in the city with his family, spending most of his childhood surrounded by friends and loved ones. For his higher education, he moved to Akure, where he earned his BSc degree.

Ramzo is an Afro hip hop artist who began his musical journey in 2019, despite having no formal music training. His style and flow are heavily influenced by Nigga Raw, whom he considers his biggest influence and mentor. However, Ramzo aims to carve out his own legacy in the music world, infusing Afrobeat rap with his unique vibe and flow.

Ramzo doesn’t aspire to be just another Nigga Raw; he wants to make history with his distinctive style. This ambition is evident in his music, showcasing his potential to dominate the rap scene.
Ramzo’s discography showcases his growth and promise in the music industry. His debut single “Prophecy” (2020) introduced his unique Afrobeat rap style, followed by “Money” (2021), which solidified his place in the Afro hip-hop genre. In 2024, he released “Pain & Grace”, a soulful showcase of his storytelling talent, and “Benefit”, an upbeat motivational anthem. Ramzo’s music evolution and potential are evident in his diverse and captivating releases.

A favorite saying of Ramzo is, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” This mantra reflects his commitment to authenticity in his Afrobeat rap, as he seeks to make a unique mark in the music industry. Ramzo is poised to bring his distinctive sound and personal flair to listeners everywhere.

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